The foundation of Pakistani fashion industry was laid in 1970 by TEE JAYS. Tanveer Jamshaid was the face behind the picture who is actually father to the industry. He came with innovative idea of providing his wardrobe to dramas for advertisement of his designs. The era of fashion boutiques started with it and still going on with new colors and innovations. TEE JAY kurta salwar ruled an era of almost 25 golden years.

Tee jays provided wardrobe to almost 150 TV dramas including Tanhaiyaan, Dhoop Kinare, Uncle Urfi and Unkahi. According to analyst of the era tee jays was successful because of his experimental designs and staying in the financial range of his customers. Tee jays was not a designer of elite class only his consumers belong to almost every class of society. The crown of tee jays trembled in 90s and he retires after a long successful ruling era. After tee jay Feeha her daughter holds the legacy. She provided wardrobe for humsafer drama and fashion shows but could not setup empire like tee jay.