A country like Pakistan has always fascinated world for investment. The first attraction of every potential investor is the population. Due to high population rate consumption pattern is likely to be very high. Political conditions have been a hazard for investors but still local market is very competitive to keep investors pampered. According to 2017 census population of Pakistan has crossed 200 million mark. Which is a clear indication of very high demand and a positive sign for investors. In last decade Pakistani industrial structure specially related to retail industry has changed.  Digital transformation has huge impact on our small and medium industries. Potential of such industries has increased more than ever, small investments bring valuable earnings. In today’s Pakistani market following few businesses are so attractive that can earn big returns with minimum investment and effort.

Population of Pakistan 2017

Below is the list of top 10 densely populated cities of Pakistan. Before investing in any business it is very important to understand where to invest below table will help you understand for what business which location is fixable.

1 Karachi 14,910,352 Sindh
2 Lahore 11,126,285 Punjab
3 Faisalabad 3,203,846 Punjab
4 Rawalpindi 2,098,231 Punjab
5 Gujranwala 2,027,001 Punjab
6 Peshawar 1,970,042 Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa
7 Multan 1,871,843 Punjab
8 Hyderabad 1,732,693 Sindh
9 Islamabad 1,014,825 Islamabad Capital Territory
10 Quetta 1,001,205 Baluchistan


Following are the businesses which you should consider while starting a new small business.

  • Taxi Cab
  • Car wash
  • Mobile food & juice bar
  • Daycare center
  • Beauty saloon
  • Event Photography
  • Online store of your retail business

Taxi cab

if you belong to any above mentioned city then investing in cab business is perfect for you. According to ranking cities are mentioned and more densely populated city you are in more secure and profitable investment it will be. Due to high population traffic issues are high and people are adopting taxi cabs to travel since launch of Creem and Uber in Pakistan. More companies are likely to join later in 2018. Industry has a high positive growth rate and as industry has starting to shine a long good journey is still to come.

Car wash

With growing population need for automobiles has also increased. A rapid increase in cars demand is observed in 1st half of the financial year. According to expert’s boom in taxi cab industry has risen the demand for automobiles. All the indicators are shining bright at high side car wash is business which you can start with a minimum investment and bring good returns if located and marketed wisely. New technology in car wash business has risen the profit margins as only few adopted it and enjoying the perks. Still a big room is available to invest and earn good profits.

Mobile food & juice bar

Major portion of population in Pakistan is comprised on youth so school’s colleges and universities are found crowded with hawkers. It is the most convenient to satisfy hunger by option available near to you. As summers are now almost extended to 8 months of a year juice bars have a high demand almost throughout the year. Some rational food mobiles can be seen but a gap for proper food mobile is still there so if you have interest in cooking or related to it then it is your chance to start a perfect small business for you chances of comprehensive profits are there.

Daycare center

If you are resident of metropolitans in Pakistan and have free space in your house with a very low investment you can start your own business specially females who have experience in raising kids. All you need is a good child space and few helpers and ambition, working women are looking for you at day end you can earn good amount. Few are daycare centers are established but opportunity is still available to start your unique business.

Beauty saloon

A great transformation has been seen in grooming industry tradional barber shops transformed into beauty salons. Once this industry was considered only for women but with the passage of time and exposure to fashion industry now men and women both have a demand to groom themselves according to new fashion and style. It’s very easy to start your own business specially for females because of culture of wearing makeup at weddings in Pakistan. Now days need for these saloons have emerged because of exposure to media and the plastic life of social media.


 Event Photography

Traditional photography on events was never considered a good profession because of low margins but now the face of event photography has changed people are willing to pay handsome amounts to preserve their special movements. Technology and new printing techniques have extended margins and demand is raised by digital world. Photography in past was expensive and even it was in demand but was never the priority but now days it’s getting cheaper and is now one of the major ingredient of a successful event specially events like wedding. It’s easy to learn new techniques and photography styles due to internet. So if you have an eye of photographer you can use it to earn.

Online store of your retail business

Online store is very cheap and major advantage is you can reach customer which was never easy to approach before, with a very minimum investment you can maintain your own online store and reach customer which is far away from you. Your presence on internet gives a unique advantage which your traditional competitors can not achieve. Return on your investment is very high and in no time you will reach to breakeven all you need to do is market your store properly and select your audience wisely.


Hope this will help you start your own new or a supportive side business and earn something extra.