United auto industry is looking to launch 800 CC car in Pakistan in next year. Company has adopted Chinese technology and looking to kill Monopoly of around 30 years of Suzuki Mehran 800CC car. Assembling will start in Pakistan in 1st half of next year, importing technology and assembling of vehicle in Pakistan will reduce price of vehicle and a car with less cost is expected to enter in 800 CC car competition.

United motors and Chinese company both are venturing production of cars for the 1st time both companies have long years of experience in bike manufacturing and putting their expertise together to create 1st for wheel car. Words about Chinese Mehran is spread all over social media for last few years and is expected that united motors will be introducing car with minor changes in design to secure copyright issues.

According to GM United motors M.Afzal “Our car and pickup are not the copy of Suzuki brands. Our vehicles are totally different and loaded with various attractive features and safety standards

On question of price GM untied motors just folded question by saying company is looking forward to keep prices affordable for consumers no other strategy was shared. Suzuki has plan to discontinue production of Mehran in next year and replace it with 660CC alto within same price range of Mehran.

Mehran is choice of middle class who cannot afford expensive Japanese or local cars same strategy is predicted for untied motors car launch as they have introduced bike around 40% less price then market bikes of Honda and consumer went crazy for them lets see how the cars strategy works for United Motors.