CNG as fuel is one of the major issues causing shortage for domestic house hold consumption. Same issue is faced in capital city of Pakistan where a large number of complaints regarding unavailability of gas are registered. Government plan to provide gas to house hold seems to fall after complaints.

District magistrate Islamabad Mushtaq Ahmad puts a 10-hour daily ban on sale of CNG for fuel for next two months to provide uninterrupted gas to households. The notification issued from the office of the district magistrate says the huge amount of CNG used as fuel causes shortage of gas for domestic use and that there are sufficient grounds for proceeding to prohibit the use of CNG as fuel for vehicles in order to provide immediate relief to the public at large.


Time schedule for load shedding of CNG on pumps is 5AM to 10AM and 5PM to 10PM and this notification is spread around 80 CNG stations in Islamabad. It is expected that domestic consumption of gas will come to its normal state after this action but CNG business is going to be disturbed for next 2 months. CNG stations will face long queues and consumer has to wait for long hours in first few weeks.