Sale promotions is one of the biggest attractions to boost sale not only in Pakistan but same behavior is observed worldwide. In Pakistan winter sale promotions mostly start at last week of the year. Currently few brands have started their initial winter promotions and rest of them have plans to start in upcoming weeks. As the weeks passes promotion will grow stronger and stronger and lust of customers is tested.

Customer buying pattern is totally changed in promotional weeks this attitude of customers has changed the business strategies of biggest names in Pakistan. Chenone is one of the example throughout year promotions on products from clothing to house accessories are available. In Pakistani competitive market its very important to retain your customer and provide him best possible products and services.

Clothing brands are not the only ones to use promotional discounts to boost sales and attract customers now trend in Pakistani grocery market is also increased, because of customer exposure to international brands like hyper star and metro stores. Pharmacies in Pakistan have adopted this trend. Do you know why companies need to put discount promotions, let’s see behind the picture. Every product & trend has an expiry date, that’s one of the major reason of promotions we see.

·         Companies wants to get rid of products which are stuck on their shelves and date of expiry is near consumable products.

·         In case of seasonal products companies don’t want to hold leftovers for whole next season in their warehouses, to save warehouse, logistics & depreciation cost companies put sale promotions on them.

·         Get their investment back specially in clearance sale promotions to reinvest.

·         Upselling is also one the strategies companies use to get more revenue this type of selling in Pakistan is observed in electronics and fast-food industry.

·         Companies drive consumer buying behavior through promotions. Artificially need is generated and customer urge towards products with promotions.

·         Create news companies have a need to be noticed by their consumers in market where daily a consumer is exposed to more than 3000 marketing campaigns companies put attractive promotions so their campaigns don’t go unnoticed.

While you are shopping next time keep these points in mind you will never get tricked by promotions, and if you own a business keep these points in discussion to grow revenue and build your brand.