​Expectations from 2018 are quite high ups and downs are expected as General Public Election are expected in the year. Elections will not only nominate party for governance but also has a huge impact on industrial revolution. Despite all rough time of political issues in 2017 we are forecasting this year will be much better and fruitful. Inflation is to stay at the higher end but still expecting it to be in control. One of the reason as Pakistan has few options to finance its projects it is expected Pakistan has to end with IMF again which will drastically raise inflation in country. Price is increase of fuel market globally will also have a major share in keeping inflation at high end.

No major devaluation is expected by currency traders after 7PC dent in December last year. Pak rupee is expected to be stable throughout year. If external factors play any roll State bank may devalue PAK rupee 3 to 5 PC maximum. Hopefully Rupee stay stable and international trades don’t face any unlikely situation this year. As expected trade with china will be replaced by yuan this year, and it will decrease demand of dollar in country.

Business are likely to expand as many collaborative projects with Chinese companies are expected to start in this year. Chinese company’s collaboration will boost the industrial production and quality as we have seen in automobile industry agreements and contracts are finalized with Chinese companies to start production in Pakistan.

Growth is not expected in all industries communication automobile and construction are more likely to delight by high growth but banking and retail will be in moderate growth zone. In stock market uncertainty will prevail as at the end of last year few drastic declines washed hopes of investors. Same scenario will continue with export and import business. Exports will remain on same path but imports are expected to increase because of devalue of money amounts will be increased, so balance of trade will be expected more depressed then 2017.

Baluchistan region is going to be blessed with good growth as lot of investment is coming to region to support CPEC and improve security situation in region. Punjab will be again in top in 2018 with good opportunities and growing trends.

Agriculture is also expected to grow as export value will be high due to recent devaluation. Hopefully bumper crops are expected cotton will be produced above Target. Authorities intervention for sugarcane producers will help resolve Sindh crop price issue. 2018 started with good hopes and expected to gain progressive momentum which was missing and economy will be on better route.