Book near to be published is in hype now days Yes, we are talking about book written by Reham Khan EX wife of Imran khan. Till date it was considered to be a book which will be exposing Imran khan and PTI. A media group was found to be threatening Reham on her content but the book took negative face and denied by large group when today a massive report came out.

Former cricketer, captain and world best ever fast bowler Wasim Akram is also on the list according to resources Reham has put some serious allegations on cricketer Wasim akram and her late wife Huma. As wasim akram is not in country he replied though social media he will be taking it to court if she really had something in her book about her late wife. He said he is shocked to hear such thing and more surprisingly about her wife who is not even there to defend it.

Wasim Akram who has a huge national and international fan following found himself big support on social media after this news. Fans are emotionally responding to the news and asking crickter to stay strong we are with you and Reham khan is write now on of the most hatted personality in Pakistan. Followers from both PTI & PMLN stood against her allegations on cricket legend Wasim Akram.